Apparels are considered to be one of the four necessity in Human ways of living. Society has given importance to Quality &Designs for all kinds of apparels and are still continuing to make new inventions in the world of textiles. Development of all kinds of industries have increased in a fast rate with the pace of Economic growth that has led to demands in Specialization for every industries. In order to fulfill our customers’ demands, Specialization play an important role.

Kinnaree Textiles Centre is the Hub of all kinds of Textiles. Our company provides  Professional consulting to all our clients 24 hrs. Our Hub is the most competitive & well service company till today.

Due to our Professional services, we have opened Franchises in different  regions of Thailand. We are still looking forward to expand our franchise in other parts of Thailand.

Our Services & System will enable our prestige customers to find every product in  Textiles very easily.

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