Welcome to Kinnaree  Textiles  Centre…
The HUB  of  Textiles.


Now at Kinnaree, we have the ability to serve our customers 24 hours about textiles and fabrics i.e. Grey  fabrics, Fusible linings, Polyester linings, Satin,Teteron, Fancy Fashion fabrics, Curtains, Suitings&Shirtings, Chiffons, Kntting fabrics, Scottish School Uniforms,  Taffeta, Hospitals and hotels fabrics, Corporate uniforms and a lot more than you ever expect.

We have more than 500 kinds of fabrics of good quality and more than 2,000  colours. We are retailer, wholesaler and we can export  overseas. We have the ability  to design the fabrics to match our customers target price. We have strong partners. Like Spinning, Weaving, Dyeing & Finishing, Printing, Garments and premium factories in Thailand and overseas who are also our customers.

Today at Kinnaree , we bring technology into our business for our customers who  wish to order us fabrics and textiles in just 3 easy steps.


From 2015 onwards, we will become the center of textiles where you can get a good  quality product in a very reasonable price.

You don’t have to worry looking  for the fabric and textiles you need ever again.

“Let us  take  care of  you.”
Hot line 24 hours +66-818-131-577